Useful information for suspended sellers
Why Amazon removes selling privileges
Written on September 12th, 2016
1. Poor customer service score

In order to ensure its millions of third-party marketplace sellers are providing an exceptional customer experience, Amazon has established the following performance targets:

Order defect rate: you’ve received lots of negative feedback > 1%

Pre-fulfillment cancel rate: > 2.5%

Late shipment rate: > 4%

For example, if you have been late shipping several orders or received lots of negative reviews, your selling privileges will be removed. Amazon has a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to customer experience and it remains their number one expectation as the leading global online marketplace.

This where the leadership principles come in:
Go the extra mile for your customer and provide them with a refund or discount on their next purchase if you haven’t given the best possible experience.

It’s that obsession for excellence that will stand out to Amazon.

2. Disregarding Amazon selling policies

If one of your items is listed on the restricted products page, your Amazon account will be suspended. For example, due to child safety measures, you are required to ask special permission if you want to list fidget spinners or invisible ink pens.

3. Misrepresentation of authenticity

You can also have your selling privileges removed for listing an inauthentic or counterfeit item on your Amazon profile. Similarly, if you’ve set up alternative accounts for when you get suspended this is seen as a big red flag by Amazon. In this case, you’ll be lucky to be reinstated at all.

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