Useful information for suspended sellers
Useful information for suspended sellers
Appeal your Amazon account suspension with a plan of action.
Written on November 27th, 2016
Getting your Amazon account reinstated all boils down to the plan of action in your appeal letter. This is the email you will send to the Amazon seller performance team when you get suspended. It’s important to remember that your writing style is essential in the process of getting your Amazon account reinstated.
Just be aware: there’s no guarantee that Amazon will reinstate your account upon receiving your appeal letter. If you have not provided a viable solution and comprehensive understanding of your errors, your account will remain suspended. Here’s how to go about dealing with it.

1. Resolve any outstanding support tickets

Your first instinct will be to reach out to someone in order to get your account reinstated as quickly as possible, but first, you should be focusing on fixing any outstanding issues. This means responding to all support tickets and maintaining the health of your account.
Remember, if your account has been suspended, this leaves you at higher risk of the permanent removal of selling privileges. Before communicating with Amazon, avoid any reason for it to doubt your worth as a seller.

2. Find out the root cause of your suspension

As in the Amazon leadership principles, you will need to find the root cause of your suspension by diving deep into your account and spotting the main issues.
To frequently audit your account, you need to take every issue into your stride by asking yourself the five whys. As explained by Peter, this process involves continuously asking yourself “why” until you have found the root of the problem.
For example:
Why did your customer complain? Unfortunately, their package was broken.
Why was their package broken? The UPS driver dropped it.
Why did it break when he dropped it? The item was not packaged correctly.
Why was it not packaged correctly? The online seller did not have the right facility to package it.
Solution: Find adequate packaging for this item and have it fully prepared before sending onto FBA.
This exercise works for all types of issues you may encounter in your time as an Amazon seller. Ultimately, Amazon wants to know that you fully understand the root cause of your account suspension, and thus you will take the necessary steps you took or will take to prevent it happening again.

3. Address the issues in a plan of action

Once you have a deep understanding of what you did to violate Amazon’s policies, you need to draw up a plan of action.
Be specific, professional and outright about what you plan to do to prevent the violation from happening again. This means including every defect that contributed to your low seller status. For example, the number of canceled orders, missing items or negative feedback complaints.
Let’s say you received multiple negative reviews on one particular product and that’s why your account was suspended. You could write something like:
We have identified and understood that one of the products has been unsatisfactory for a subset of our customers. For this reason, we will remove it completely from our Amazon store. Our plan of action when we receive negative feedback on another product in future will be to make quick decisions to get it removed. However, we will make every effort to avoid that scenario. We strive to have top quality products on your marketplace.
Similarly, with other types of suspensions, you should clearly identify the issue, how you immediately dealt with that problem and how you plan to eradicate the problem in future. Take for example, if you had a product listed that was listed under prohibited products for Amazon.
After analyzing the current situation regarding the suspension of my account, I recognize where I went wrong. My selling privileges were removed because I made the following mistakes:
I listed a product that is prohibited from sale and listing on Amazon: an ‘invisible ink pen’
I didn’t act within the 48-hour time frame to review and delete this listing that did not comply with Amazon policies.
Having evaluated these issues, I plan to:
Read and learn all details in the Amazon Restricted Product Policy
Pay better attention to my account notifications from Amazon
Remove all restricted products from Amazon immediately.

4. Send the appeal to Amazon

Once you have finished your plan of action for your account suspension, you can proceed to Seller Central > Performance > Performance notifications > Location suspense notice > Appeal.

5. Wait for a response from Amazon

Then it’s just a waiting game. It should take up to 48 hours for Amazon to come back to you with an answer. Many believe that knowing someone on the inside can get you an answer quicker but that’s not the case.
Sellers should expect to be contacted via email about the status of their account. The harsh reality is if a seller is suspended for 30 days or longer, there’s a chance they might never be reinstated.
It’s important to remember…
Whether you’re a Fortune 500 company or a small online store, Amazon does not want you to sell on its marketplace if you’re not willing to provide exceptional customer service.
Ultimately, if you understand the leadership principles behind Amazon, it will help you make a framework for your appeal letter. If you’re lucky enough to get reinstated, prepare your team for any changes you need to make—you don’t want to be a repeat offender!

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