Useful information for suspended sellers
Useful information for suspended sellers
Written on March 2nd, 2019
Amazon has suspended your account, you never thought it would happen to you, but it has! For most sellers, this is a whole new world that you are about to enter, an unknown territory that requires a new set of knowledge. The first tendency is towards panic and uncertainty, calming down and moving through this problem will give you the best odds of getting through this ordeal. The mountain of difficulties looks hard to scale, but our advice to you is taking a deep breath and start by breaking down your situation and Amazon's requests. Approach each step in this process thoroughly and as best you can.

Firstly, gear up on what your suspension is all about. What does it mean, and why has it happened to you? Don't act until you have fully understood it. Do a full analysis of the type of suspension you received. Information is a power, and it is available. Amazon itself provides you with in-depth details and information on each type of suspension. Other information is available at a click of a few buttons on the web. If for example, you received a suspension over ODR (Order Defect Rate), learn what ODR infringements are. Read up on what Amazon's expectations are from a seller in response to a High Order Defect Rate. 

Work towards fully understanding your suspension; single it out from amongst the extensive list of Amazon suspensions types. Pinpoint the particular issue/s that led to your suspension. 

When you are sure about what your suspension means, the time has come to look inwards. To understand your situation better, begin by asking yourself some questions. Ask what has happened within your world as a seller to cause the suspension? Have you and your team taken all precautions to avoid the difficulties you are facing? What is causing Amazon to rap you on the knuckles?  

When you understand what your suspension is about, and know the causes of the suspension, you can tackle the appeal. Again, there is a wealth of information on what an Amazon appeal is. Likewise, there is information on how to go about drafting the appeal, and a POA – Plan of Action. Every point in the POA must directly relate to your suspension, the cause of suspension and, measures you instituted that actively and thoroughly remove any chance of a reoccurrence of the infringement.

Once you have covered all of this, you are ready to press 'Send Appeal' - Good luck!
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