Useful information for suspended sellers
Useful information for suspended sellers
Written on January 10th, 2019
When you’ve put a lot of hard work and long hours into building a successful business as an Amazon seller, the last thing you want is for your account to be suspended. Amazon sellers are often acquainted with the most common reasons behind account suspension; which consist of policy infringement, inauthentic item complaints, and safety problems. However, regardless of the various measures that Amazon sellers put in force to protect their account, there are several situations sellers can be unaware of that may bring about their Amazon seller account being suspended.

Amazon seller code of conduct violations may seem like they’re easy to keep away from, but you may land up with a suspended account even if you do take the vital precautions and run a valid, straightforward business. From account hacking to not complying with the two steps verification process, here’s is a cause of suspension sellers are often unaware of.
Account Hacking

Despite all the effort that a seller puts into ensuring that their account has a perfect shipment rate, no inauthentic products, or any other issues; an unfortunate reality of operating an online business even through Amazon, is that your account can potentially be hacked compromising the integrity of the account, resulting in the quick suspension of selling privileges. Sellers may also find themselves stressed in this scenario, thinking why their selling privileges have been eliminated because of a person gaining unauthorized access to their account; however Amazon does this ultimately for the best because it’s a protective measure for both your business and your customers, but it’s still inconvenient.
How to Reduce the Chance for Amazon Suspension Due To Unauthorized Access

Damn! Verification again! No no! It is totally against Amazon’s terms and conditions to open your account if Amazon Seller Central suspends it as a result of Hacking. While this is not avoidable, there are ways you can avert being hacked.

A seller can put into effect numerous shielding measures to prevent such a scenario, but the possibility is constantly there. To prevent account hackings, Amazon itself is helping keep seller accounts more secure by implementing Two-Step Verification process so hackers can’t break into your account. According to Amazon, this feature:

Adds an extra layer of protection in your account. Instead of surely coming into your password, Two-Step Verification requires you to input a unique safety code in addition to your password at the same stage of signing in.

Often, the account may be reinstated following a detailed appeal and verification process to Amazon’s Seller Performance team. A seller should collectively and punctiliously draft a Plan of Action identifying the situation in conjunction with any action taken to correct it.


• You should regularly change your passwords
• Avoid the use of shared Wi-Fi spaces in doing business.
• Updates on virus protection software
• Try to limit the number of devices you put your business account info on.
Plan of Action If a Hacking or Verification Suspension Occurred

To reinstate your seller account, you will need to put together an appeal and send it to Amazon’s Seller Performance Team. This plan of action will assure Amazon that you are aware of the hacking issue on your account and that you’re actively working to correct the problem by verifying that you truly own the account. After they review your case, you should be able to get right back to business.

The possibility of being suspended due to the fact your account got hacked is ever-present. Don’t worry if these case of account suspension come as a surprise, because even the most experienced Amazon sellers may find themselves unfamiliar with these type of suspension.
Being educated on these common grounds for Amazon suspension can help a seller to maintain a healthier seller account.

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