Useful information for suspended sellers
Useful information for suspended sellers
Written on February 11th, 2019
While sellers usually take time to update their stocks levels, most Amazon sellers fail to “review current Amazon rules for expired products, to verify compliance properly, evaluate condition, monitor the expiration date, and check current Amazon Safety Guidelines.” This lack of attention can result in a multitude of problems, and result in an account suspension.

Why Should You Care? 

When an Amazon seller sends expired inventory to customers, Amazon sees that as a behavior right up there with endangering buyers’ safety by selling items with expiration dates and is no longer usable. It is trash and Amazon want better for its customers, so chances are you’re breaking the rules and putting your account in jeopardy, and your listing may be shut down,

Your product certainly has obtained complaints concerning the alleged Amazon protection policy violation. Here are the possible violations to look out for:

- Passed / too close to the expiration date
- Stale taste
- Texture, coloration, and different product characteristic feature indicates old age

Tips Which Will Help Reduce the Chance For Expired Item Suspension

Besides brushing up and performing a safety risk assessment on your Amazon seller account, you should still and act quickly to do the following:

- Track your expiration dates by inbound shipment. And ensure that old items are sold out before new products are sent into the warehouse.
- Sticker every individual piece with an expiry date. Amazon asks for large type because it is machine-readable and inline can dramatically improve the chances that old, expired inventory will not be sold to a customer.
- When your items are within days of expiration, pull them from the warehouse; and immediately discard all items that are past the expiration date (NB: make sure your limits for shelf life match Amazon’s)
- Check that boxes for perishable items are in perfect condition and discard anything that looks suspicious.
- Check the storage conditions (temperature, humidity, light, etc.) to ensure proper service life and shelf life.
Your Listing Has Been Removed. Now What?

If you have been suspended for Expired item complaints, you need to prepare a proper Amazon plan of action and come up with tangible, long-term solutions to prevent such incidents from happening in the future.
Successful appeal and plan of action if an expired item suspension occurred .

It’s not unusual for buyers to complain about products being past their expiry date; Irrespective of your sub-reason type, it is highly advisable to be more positive in your approach by stating the root causes first.

What sellers say:

Buyers thought the items were expired because they didn’t find the expiration date on the product, but it’s there.

Root causes that Amazon wants to hear:

We failed to realize that buyers looking for expiration dates would have trouble finding them on the bottom of the bottle.
Apart from those, your plan of action need to consist of additionally:

• Performing normal test of your stock and matching it against your inventory available for sale.
• Enhancing listings to be protecting relevant safety information.
• Working better with providers to make sure products are safe for consumption and in top shape condition.

Lots of things can get you suspended on Amazon, but Don’t Let Expired Inventory Kill your Account. More importantly, you should apply best practices that can ensure an excellent customer experience.

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