Useful information for suspended sellers
Useful information for suspended sellers
Written on December 3rd, 2018
What Is Amazon Inauthentic Item Suspension?

Amazon Inauthentic Item Suspension is a phrase that you have been hearing for quite some time now on the seller account, which sounds like a kiss of death to you. The term ‘Inauthentic’ isn’t decoded as the seller is selling fake products on the platform. But it means a customer claims your product to be inauthentic or “Fake”; the term Inauthentic Suspension can be quite confusing because it covers two types of contexts, they either mean that it is inauthentic or counterfeit.

Inauthentic Items (lacking authorization for resale)

According to the seller’s policy, these items don’t necessarily mean “fake.” Inauthentic items are products that were not purchased from a reputed distributor which are not counterfeit at all but purchased without the authority to resell the brand item.
Counterfeit Products

On the other hand, counterfeit refers to a knock-off or duplicate product that purport to be a brand product, but are not.

Nevertheless, no matter what term the product falls under, these violations usually occur because you don’t have sufficient authorization to resell and cannot verify the legitimate seller from which you purchased the product. It’s an extreme problem and for the most part, will cause Amazon Inauthentic Suspension.

How to Avoid Future Suspension

Amazon doesn’t need to be convinced that you sell inauthentic or restricted goods. A single claim is enough to shut you down, as they say, prevention is better than cure; here are few tips for preventing your account from Inauthentic Item suspension and maintaining your account in good well-being.

• Ask all suppliers for itemized invoices, where the brand name and logo are clear.
• Avoid buying liquidation stock as your central sourcing policy.
• Review your Bottom Performance, Return Reports, and Imperfect Order reports in Seller Central, to identify recurring issues.
• Research your suppliers and their competitors.
• Switch to suppliers who trade with the manufacturer only.
• Look for warranties for everything you stock.
• Back up every document on more than one device or medium, like a Cloud service.
• Learn the ins and outs of your supply chain, and diligently source your product.
Being suspended from Amazon for inauthentic items or inauthentic item complaints is the most common type of Amazon suspension and more often than not – these types of suspensions are based on wrong assumptions or even false competitor claims.

Plan of Action for Amazon Inauthentic Item Complaints

Hope is not lost if you’re going through the lean patch, and have been suspended for inauthentic item complaints. Here are some straightforward solutions for you to get back in Amazon’s good graces, and to avoid such situations in the future.

In the case of an Amazon suspension for product authenticity complaints, you need to provide Amazon some document as stated below:

A detailed Appeal letter and plan of action

If you encounter Amazon Inauthentic complaint, please be careful before sending your appeal letter, to avoid rejection from Amazon. And you need to prepare a proper Amazon plan of action and come up with tangible, long-term solutions to prevent such incidents from happening in the future.
Copies of invoices from your suppliers

The easiest way to prove that an item is authentic is to provide Amazon with invoices from an authorized wholesale distributor showing where the product was purchased. Providing the distributor’s contact information is also helpful in explaining a reliable source of goods.

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